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You Can Do Your Bit


Even if you do not want to contribute on a large scale and become a leading environmentalist, there is always the possibility to do your small role of the following things below: 


  • Recycling is a fantastic way of reusing a product, for example recycling a glass bottle saves enough energy to power a television for 30 minutes. 
  • In todays society recycling is easy and simple, it also a great way of helping save the environment due to the energy and materials it saves.


Changing your energy supplier

  • One of the biggest things you can do is change your energy supplier. If you call your energy supplier and ask for a green tariff, all they do is click a button and it doesnt cost you a penny extra (with most of the major energy suppliers) or change to ecotricity for no extra cost either, and 100% of their profits go towards building new wind turbines, go to

Buying seasonal foods

  • Always try to buy seasonal. It saves it from being shipped in from a faraway country or flown saving airmiles and reducing the carbon impact of the products you buy.  If there was a jar of English honey and a jar of Australian honey which would you choose? Ideally the English honey as it does not have to be shipped, therefore producing less CO2.


  • If you are going anywhere that is accessable by train, try not to fly as taking the train produces 10 times less CO2 than flying.
  • If your going anywhere near, try to take public transport instead of a car.

Buying a new car

  • If your looking to buy a new car, it is essential that you look at the emissions the vehicle produces and the fuel economy.
  • Try to buy a used car, as a new car takes a lot of resources and energy to make, plus with a used car you can hardly tell the difference.
  • Nowadays you can get hybrids all shapes and sizes, so if you see a hybrid that you think suits you the most why not buy it? Hybrids have an outstanding fuel economy and the mixture of electric and petrol engine give a low output of carbon emmisions. If you live in the city an electric car would suit you brilliantly, no congestion charge, free parking in some great venues and even zero emmisions. It will save you money by: refueling less, cheaper to run and you feel better about your transport and the way you're using it.


Animal cruelty - MAKE it stop


Animals have feelings too. If you are going to keep them locked up in tiny cages where they can barely even move... well how would you feel? Some animals are bred in captivity, for example various lizards, cats or dogs; some snakes too. Because they are captive, that doesn't mean they can be treated like 'convicts'. Some pet shops are like jails, some are like relaxing luxury hotels. You want to aim for the luxury hotels while getting an captive animal, although make sure you know where the sellers get them from; as there are puppy mills, kitten mills etc. where they treat them like factory products where the parents are the machines which only need an occasional 'oil' to keep them working (they're underfed).

Animals bred in these 'mills' are often underfed, prone to disease and injury, usually kept in wire cages where their limbs can fall through the gaps, where the sharp wire can cut them straight off. Their cages are cramped and over crowded leading to aggressiveness. In a pet shop in Worcester I witnessed about twenty lizards cramped in an enclosure of around 1 ft in length. They were so cramped they were missing some of their toes, tails and were climbing on top of each other to get some space. If you are thinking of getting a pet, think again about where you get it from, because their parents could be rotting in the garbage of an animal factory in Russia, or dying of hunger in Serbia, or even losing a limb in the U.S, and so on. Whatever you do don't buy it from a pet shop or breeder because its enclosure is dirty and grubby, and is mistreated so it looks helpless and longing for an owner because that's just supporting their malevolent way of gaining money.

Written by George Lane, Head of Animal Cruelty at R.H.N.