World Conservation and Wildlife Trust

Fighting to protect the World's Marine Life, Wildlife, Biodiversity and Population.

Why Donate To Environmental Charities?

Many people give money to very general causes like Malaika Kids, Help for Heroes and other charities designed to help people in need around the world. The puzzling question is why? In many cases, people donate money to these charities to help these people benefit, however when it comes to climate change and global warming, people believe this issue is in a much lower class. The sheer destructive potential of climate change proved over the years (e.g. Hurricane Katrina, the Bangladeshi floods, Cyclone Eline and other natural disasters), these all are directly linked to climate change however people are to blinded by ignorance to see that some of the main causes of the world's problems are directly linked to the destructive wake of climate change! Climate change is one of the most serious problems we face in society and in the world, so please think twice and give to save the future, our future.