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The Tree Kangaroo


General information on the tree kangeroo

The Tree Kangaroo is mainly found in the humid rainforests of New Guinea as they are rapidly decreasing in number in Australia. The mammal is able to jump from tree to tree and stick to the bark as they have specialized cushioned feet. They have very strong limbs which enables them to jump up to 15 metres.

 Their life span in zoos is 20 years however in the wild it is unknown. There is roughly 8-10 different species, in Australia, 2 species are categorized as endangered by the I.U.C.N.  


Causes for endangerment

 Due to a large scale of deforestation (an average of 80% of all the logging in New Guinea is illegal), their habitat is being destroyed; exploration for minerals and destruction of the forests for agricultural reasons also adds to threats facing the tree kangeroo.

Article by R.H.N

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