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2018 Update on Save the Tiger Campaign

After 8 years of campaigning for the increased protection of tigers, there still remains much to do. The tiger is still in an extremely precarious position. With the news of numbers of wild tigers in countries like India increasing for the first time this century emerging, hope remains. Through a benefit concert, several tiger themed events and the publishing of the Year of the Tiger book, much has been achieved in the 8 years since the campaign began. That being said, the road ahead is still a long and arduous one. Donate to WWF's Tiger project at to do your bit!

The Tiger Campaign

In early summer 2010, James Lane and Robin Johnson discussed the idea of mobilising north London schools behind some RHN fund raising initiatives.   Also, the current Chinese year (until 2 February 2011) is the year of the Tiger.  Tigers have been  revered for centuries, but over the last 100 years their numbers have fallen from over 150,000 to as few as 3,200, and this decline is set to continue to complete extinction in the wild unless urgent measures are taken to stop poaching and habitat destruction from infringing on their survival.  See the RHN website’s section on Tigers.

The Tiger Campaign was being managed by Dakini Media’s not-for-profit division, who were responsible for the excellent book, Global Warning about climate change – and an earlier input to RHN’s thinking. The approach was to action RHN’s schools mobilisation idea by working with the Tiger Campaign as a specific test case and to build a viral campaign around it using Facebook, the RHN website, and by publishing the efforts of specific activities within and between North London schools.

In late September, James contacted Dakini Media’s Founder, Lucky Dissanayake, an entrepreneur and climate change pioneer, about co-operation on the Tiger Campaign and this led to a meeting with Lindsey Kennedy, of Dakini Media, on 29th October 2010.  By co-incidence, both James’ brother George (and one of RHN’s key representative at Hereward House school) and Lindsey were born in the year of the Tiger which, as mentioned above, is the current Chinese Year. The Tiger, is one of the 12-year cycle of animals which appear in the Chinese zodiac related to the Chinese calendar – a sign of how much the tiger is part of the world’s cultural heritage.


Tigers – The Book, coming as an eBook and in Hard Cover

Tigers tells the remarkable story of a lone tigress, a formidable huntress and fiercely protective mother, as she struggles to survive and to raise her four cubs in the wild. We follow the adorable, heartbreakingly vulnerable foursome from just ten days old, as they get themselves in and out of trouble, grow and explore the forest, learn to hunt and to fight their own battles and, finally, leave home to start families of their own.

Tigers is a poignant story of survival, motherhood, growing up and letting go is interweaved with spectacular photography, taken by the award-winning John Downer Productions - whose pioneering filming techniques captured what has been called 'the most intimate portrait of tigers ever seen'

The book is written by Carol Kaufmann (an acclaimed wildlife journalist, former Nat Geo and a tiger fanatic) and follows this fight for survival of tigress and her four cubs, filmed in the wild using hidden cameras over a period of 8 years. The photography was described by Sir David Attenborough as ‘the most intimate portrait of tigers ever seen’. The picture below is taken from the front cover of the book.


The Tiger Campaign

Dakini Media’s Tiger Campaign is designed to celebrate tigers, raise awareness of the dangers that threaten them and raise money to fund conservation efforts. So far, Dakini has been working with the Wildlife Protection Society of India, the Environmental Investigation Agency, Animals Asia, Phoenix (Russia) and 21st Century Tiger and are in discussions with several other charities. Central to the campaign is Dakini’s gorgeous book, Tigers, which is being CrowdFunded through pre-orders from the public - a world first. 

Courtesy of Oberoi Hotels & Resorts, Dakini Media has secured the crème de la crème of experiences for tiger lovers, a fabulous 5-night stay for two people in two world-class luxury Oberoi hotels in Jaipur and  Ranthambhore, including a wildlife spotting Jungle Drive into Ranthambhore National Park… giving a lucky campaign contributor a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see a wild tiger for themselves. It doesn’t get much better than that. Except, of course, if you were to come back to your Luxury Tent elated and exhausted to be greeted with an all-inclusive slap-up meal with wine and a 60-minute therapy in the Oberoi spa.

Every person to pre-order a book will be automatically entered into the draw to win this amazing prize and, if for those contributors who have already pre-ordered, don’t worry – your name has been entered.

Winners will be announced in the spring and contributors be given one entry into the draw for every book pre-ordered.

 RHN are looking to help Dakini Media by using North London schools to raise £60,000 – the equivalent of 3000 pre-orders – to make this project possible.  This breaks down to an average of £10,000 across 6 schools, or the equivalent of 500 per-order per school. 


Fundraising – ways to contribute

You can contribute to the campaign in one of several ways:

1.       You can chip in a donation of US $10 (circa £6.5) or more, which will allow Dakini Media to include your name in the book as part of the ‘crowd’. 

2.       You can make a donation of $25 (circa £16) or more, which will allow us to include your name in the book, and send you a PDF/e-book version of this. 

3.       You can pre-order your own copy of the hardback book for $45 (circa £29), which will make the campaign possible, and will also include a 30% donation (This rises to 50% after pre-orders of 10,000 copies are reached to fund the printing of the book) directly to our tiger conservation charity partners. Your name will also be in the book, and you will have this beautiful record of the part you played in the campaign to keep forever. Just make a donation of the amount or more and remember to include your address and P&P for postage. Please remember to add on P&P when making your pre-order, to cover the cost of sending the book to you. This will be: $7.99 (£4.99) within the UK, $9.99 within the EU and $13.99 Rest of world.

4.       Spreading the word. Tell your friends, your family, your colleagues - anyone you think would like to help with the project. If your employer offers matched funding, please make sure they know about your donation!

Visit to pre-order your copy of the book.

The Video of the tiger campaign