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South China Tiger


The South China tiger was declared extinct in November 2010 by the zoological society of London. The believed "daddy" of all tiger subspecies is thought to be extinct by experts around the world. Surveys and expeditions carried out through China revealed found no sign of a pure breed in the wild or in any Chinese zoos, passed as Chinese tigers; a mix of Indonesian and Indian tigers.

The South China tiger is one of four tiger subspecies to have lost the battle with poaching and habitat destruction over the last 100 years. Following the extinction Vladimir Putin has called a meeting to action on tiger conservation this year in St Petersburg to aim to double the global number of tigers by 2022. However following the Copenhagen climate change summit, one thing should have been concluded; it is up to us this time...
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Pictures are all we have left of this iconic creature...

General information

The average length of the South China tiger is 2.2-2.6 metres for males and females, making it one of the smallest of the tiger subspecies. Males weigh between 127 and 177 kg and females weigh about 100-118 kg. This tiger was listed as one of the 10 most endangered species in the world and the most critically endangered of the tigers; it believed to be extinct in the wild. There are only 59 tigers in captivity but they all descend from 6 tigers: this means that there will not be anymore genetic diversity to maintain the species. So this is it for the South China tiger; wiped off the face of the earth, forever...