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Premiere Success!

With Over 100 people coming to the Screen on the Green in Angel the "Saving Nemo" Marine 
Conservation film was a massive success educating and raising the vital issue of the destruction of our seas.


Our Investigation into the human impact of our seas looked at how litter effected patterns
 of seaweed and eco diversity. We explored the south coast looking at how plastics cause
 the breakdown of ecosystems and how rising temperature will cause vital plankton and
 other micro-organisms to die which will lead to the slow destruction of most of the 
underwater wildlife around the UK. After hours of research this came as a horrendous 
shock and later on in the film we found out that if we do not curve our CO2 production 
by 2020 we will be lead to a chain reaction of destruction in our seas where we will not be
 able to do anything to save the wildlife below the seas.

So whats next?

We have just Launched  the "Sea for Schools" conservation awareness scheme where we 
will be showing our film around the UK in schools to try and raise vital awareness of the situation 
the seas are facing and how we all have to act to help save the beautiful life that lies beneath the waves.

Saving Nemo- The Beauty Beneath

The film is a testament to the destruction of the oceanic biodiversity around the UK, exploring the fantastic life of the underwater world in some of the most secluded and mesmerising Coastal areas of the U.K. The film follows Wildlife Conservation Charity WCWT (Lead by 15 year old CEO and Rescue Diver Robin Johnson) and a team of Scuba and Marine experts around the stunning the British coast exposing the true beauty of the underwater world and showing how human impact could leave it devastated and destroyed within the century if we do not act.


London, Angel, Screen on the Green (3rd October 9.00pm)

Slepe Farm, Dorset (8th October 8.30pm)

The Old Crown Pub, Archway (15th October 8.00pm)

Pricing For Screen on the Green

Sofas 32 ( can fit 2-3)

Premium Seats (15)

Premium Standard (12.50)

Standard (10)