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Renewable Energy

The burning of fossil fuels to make energy has contributed greatly to climate change over the years as shown with the industrial revoloution sparking up the timid devastating effects of climate change. Energy suppliers such as ecotricity have been said to be investing in renewable energy sources, for example they have the biggest off-shore wind turbine farms in the UK.

Wind turbines are accompanied by Solar, Geothermal and tidal power which are only a few of the many renewable energy sources of abundance. Yet still only less than 13%  of global energy consumption comes from renewable sources. Todays generation have all the technology to make all our energy renewable but if we continue to not show interest in it then all energy companies won't even bother to go 'green' if no one actually is willing to look into it. To do your bit to combat climate change sign up to a greener energy package call your supplier and ask for a green tariff.

(Written by Robin Johnson and edited by James Lane).

Renewable Energy

The burning of fossil fuels to make energy has contributed greatly to climate change over the years as shown with the industrial revolution sparking up the timid devastating effects of climate change.
Due to this threat Renewable energy sources have been founded yet ignored over the years. Renewable energy sources are that of those that do not pollute the environment.
 Today’s generation has the technology needed to completely switch over to non pollutant energy however we continue to not show interest in the matter.
Renewable energy suppliers such as ecotricity have been investing in non polluting energy sources, for example they have the biggest off-shore wind turbine farms in the UK.
Renewable energy is also available for the private sector such as solar phone chargers and hand held wind turbines.
Wind turbines are accompanied by Solar, Geothermal and tidal power which are only a few of the many renewable energy sources in abundance. Yet still only less than 13%  of global energy consumption comes from renewable sources.
Wind turbines are powered by the wind (you don’t have to be a scientist to understand that). They can be placed off shore or on shore, given there is wind. They are easy to run and will last 15-20 years before needing to be maintained and repaired. The standard a single 1MW turbine operating at a 45% production rate will generate about 3.9 million kW of electricity in a year.

Wind turbines cause a major concern with nature groups such as the RSPB due to regular killings of migrating birds, 440,000 birds killed in the US per annum.
The turbines are also quite expensive.
However the RSPB have shown their general support for the turbines due to the impending threat of climate change, measures are being taken to reduce the threat to birds.
These turbines are, despite contrary beliefs quite price appropriate for the amount of energy produced and are a lot cheaper than other non renewable sources.
Geothermal energy is where tubes are inserted beneath the ground to extract the earths’ natural heat hence saving energy wasted from burn gas or oil to heat up a house/appliance.
Another form of geothermal is where heat extracted from the earth is used to heat water which in turn, turns a turbine from the steam to produce energy.
Geothermal are considered more expensive than other forms of renewable and non renewable sources but is one of the cleanest ways to harness the natural potential energy of the world.
Solar Power is where photovoltaic (PV) panels are laid out to collect the suns UV rays which triggers a reaction between the chemicals within the panel, this reaction creates energy.
Solar Panels are, despite contrary belief, not renewable due to the chemicals used within the panels themselves being not sustainable.
Solar panels are relevantly expensive however grants from the government encouraging iniative and green energy offer private users up to £2500 just for the panels alone.
Wave energy is where the energy from a typical wave crashes into one of the “docking stations” which, from the pressure of the wave, once more turns a turbine to harness and produce energy.
They are very expensive to start up.
They can cause disruption to certain environments and ecosytems like with the three gorges dam, in which people had to move out of their houses and leave the valley.
NoN-Renewable Energy
FOSSIL FUELS are things such as; coal, petroleum, oil and natural gas which all take thousands of years to naturally form. These fossil fuels can’t be replaced as quickly as they are being used up. Eventually these resources will become too expensive to harvest and people will desperately need to find other sources of energy. At the moment, the main energy sources used by humans are non-renewable because they are cheap to produce. They work by burning fossil fuels to produce steam which powers turbines which in turn produces energy.
The burning of fossil fuels to create energy is one of the main catalysts to speeding up man made climate change.
Another problem is fossil fuels are not sustainable so they will run out soon.
In main oil rich countries such as kenya serious health problems occur to the local population due to oil. Oil companies produce a residue gas found only with oil stocks that can be used to cook and perform day to day utilities. However oil companies such as shell feel it is simply too hard to distribute this gas, so they burn it… This causes serious health problems such as bronchitus and tuberculosis, the cures very scarce in these extremely poor regions.
Oil also causes civil wars and fuels corruption within local governments.
The use of nuclear technology needs a radioactive fuel such as uranium. Nuclear fuel is used in the production of nuclear weapons and is used in nuclear power stations to create electricity. Nuclear technology is an unstable and polluting source of fuel production. The radioactive waste of the nuclear industry is very hazardous. Radioactive fuel continues to be a debated and unresolved industry.
They work by reacting two extremely reactive atoms in a collider which in turn produces large quantities of energy.
Nuclear Reactions to harness energy causes large amounts of harmful and radioactive waste which are extremely hard to dispose of.