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WCWT 11 years in the making

WCWT 11 years in the making


Well, it's been a while since my last blog entry. So lets recap on whats been going on in the world of environmental policy over the last few years. Obama alongside many other prominent world leaders signed the Paris Climate Accord, a monumental step forward in the route to addressing climate change. Unfortunately, his 'cheetoh in chief' successor pulled out of it, not the only thing associated with 'stormy' (weather) he's pulled out of recently if you believe the tabloids. There was also an excellent Leo DiCaprio film on climate change with a few very high profile guests, well I mean my film was basically the same, minus Obama. Sadly policy wise climate change has flown under the radar (somehow), almost as if we had hit the pause button on new policies. If only climate change would hit the pause button too... Renewable energy subsidies have been slashed in the UK, whilst China has decided to not look the gift horse in the mouth and run with a solar PV revolution. Quickly increasing their market cap and establishing dominance on what will soon be, no doubt, one of the most profitable industries in the world. 

So what's been happening with climate change? Well, it's official, the climate has warmed by 0.85C since 1880, alongside a sharp rise in CO2 parts per million (ppm), also known as CO2 quantity in the world, from 280ppm to around 407ppm (as of last month). That essentially means, well, to put it bluntly, we're pretty screwed. To add to this the storage capacity of heat and CO2 in the worlds oceans, thanks to the 'thermohaline circulation', mean that much of the CO2 we released, say 100 years ago, is yet to grace us with its presence due to it having been sequestered (or stored) in the ocean, to be released at a later date. In this case what goes around literally comes back around, minus the CO2 that is stored in the deep ocean sediments. 

Now my university education has made me consider many things, most important of these being just how complicated the Earth and its natural processes are. When I started WCWT I could write a blog entry and understand exactly what I was saying, now every word I type has me second guessing myself. 'Climate change causes more hurricanes' for example, technically it has been linked to increased frequency in a select few studies, but the overall consensus is that it actually doesn't, we think, well we're not sure, well we're going with the line share of studies anyway. But wait, there's this amazing new study, wait nope it was flawed in the way they collected their data, oh well. There's a back and forth in the world of climate science, meaning by the time a study has been put through its paces, congress or parliament, the guys who actually decide policy are so confused, or 'conveniently confused', 'what was that MR CEO of BIG OIL you want to donate to my re-election campaign? Yes, I am very confused by this science (did I say it right? Make that cheque out to cash please)'. What was the point of this ramble? Who knows, climate science is hard I guess, but we need to make sure everyone is on the same page and realises what I didn't when I was starting out on my environmentalist journey. That we are literally out of time, the climate is approaching runaway climate change (the point where natural processes like the melting of permafrost will actually result in the Republican brand of 'natural it isn't our action that causes it' climate change). So to end I'll leave you with this... don't be miserable, be optimistic, so why not watch my film to see some cute seahorses prancing around (skip to 10 mins if necessary) and my 16 year old voice reminding you how life comes at you fast and before you know it, you're no longer young. 


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WCWT- 6 Years in the making

By Robin Kloeze Johnson, Founder W.C.W.T

It's been a while since I wrote one of these. After 6 long years of WCWT it looks like finally we some have significant hope on the climate change front. With President Obama heading into what's soon to be know as the 'Presidential Honeymoon period' it seems he is taking no prisoners with his 'we can do it' attitude towards significant issues like gun control and perhaps, more significantly for our planet, climate change. 

With 18 months left on the clock for Mr Obama in office, he has decided to make it his goal to leave having made a difference. A rather peculiar thing to say about any US president post Lincoln to be quite honest, in a British, rather humorous sense of course. Serious reforms on energy efficiency, particularly in Americas booming auto industry, have seen the States start to lead the way in tackling Climate change, despite avid opposition from our friends in the Republican party. The change has rather flummoxed many, including myself. 
In accordance with serious energy efficiency reform, the States have increased their solar power yield by 20 fold during Obama's time in office. This meteoric rise in solar demand has lead to advancement and investment in a critically underfunded industry compared to those of fossil fuels and natural gas. To add to this , with innovative thinkers on the rise in America's 'next gen' society it seems ideas like'Solar Roadways' (the revolutionary idea that a solar panel glass hybrid can replace tarmac) , this may yet increase this further, with the right support and backing of course. 
Moving on from the surprising progress the States have made, following the constant efforts of our friends at the WWF, Asia, China in particular are making rather remarkable efforts to reduce their carbon output. Some surveys claim the figure could be as much as a whopping 20% reduction in the last few years. Mouth watering... I know. 
In other news 2014 say the release of the sequel to the hit blockbuster movie 'Saving Nemo- the beauty beneath' a short film made to raise awareness about the plight of the UK's underwater ecosystems. Although 161 youtube views does not seem particularly impressive compared to the 2.4 billion accumulated views of South Korea's 'Gagnam Style' music video; the viewing of the film in public areas has raised key questions on the issue of our fragile oceanic biodiversity among the younger generation. 

Finally I want to thank everyone who has contributed in their own ways to reducing their impact on our wonderful planet, you are the heroes of today's societies, and hopefully soon, we will start to see the curve of carbon emissions bend in the other direction after over 100 years a negative impact. 

Happy New Year

W.C.W.T a year in the making

Robin Johnson, Founder and managing Director W.C.W.T

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! We would like to wish all of you who support our vital charitable work a very very happy new year, without your support we would not be able to continue our work. So we thought it would be a wonderful time to send out a report looking back on the year. Now we have seen things like Mubarak stepping down from office in Egypt which sparked a revolution causing massive up rise in the Middle East, riots and protests followed, and a positive outcome was found, despite the losses.

I would love to say the same happened in the world of eco things, in many ways I could say things like "Evian Mineral Water" committed to using 20% recycled plastic in their bottles, and that Renault are announcing their full electric car range in the coming months.

However action on the environmental front has been slow this year, unlike some green groups bragging about their bravado's on how much they have accomplished this year, Vital fishing bans have been slowed and (in some cases) stopped, the call for Marine Conservation zones (MCZ's) from Uk based marine conservation groups to the UK government have been received and turned from 127 to less than 30,in the world of all things eco, people have un doubtedly been reluctant. However as it is a new year and the prospect of new goals and new ambitions are born I'm going to give the greatness of what we as a group have done to do our bit in the world of all things good.

This year saw many exciting and wonderfully eco things happen with us. We joined forces with Dakini media in the first part of the year to raise funds for 8 vital tiger conservation charities, the project raising a staggering £120,000 through our wonderful Stars and Stripes Tribute Concert in which the lovely and wonderful artists like Kelly Paige, Lizziness, Wayne, Simon Hardeman and many others joined us at the Old crown pub to perform for the tigers. Following 6 months of strong campaigning and fundraising for the tigers, the project ended,

so it was time to move on. So through my passion for diving and the sea we decided to move onto saving the sea, our aim to raise over £25,000 for our marine conservation project uncontroversially named "Saving Nemo". So we thought "What can we do to be origional and as efficient in getting our message across as possible??" and it struck me, as a child I felt the power of the sea on camera, and realised a film was the answer to my question.

So there I am being driven rather cautiously to the south coast with my film gear. 2 months later and with the kind and expert help of BBC underwater film cameraman and professional dive photographer Steve Trewhella and Doug Anderson, I had made a film, and when the monday night came we showed it on the big screen in the centre of the big city of london. A packed crowd with over 100 people came along helping us kickstart our project. Now with the success of the film we are showing it as an educational aid in schools and it is now available on youtube (http// So thats our year. I wish all of you a prosperous and happy new year.

Not for Profit? Don't think so

Following a trip to the Marine gem of Egypt, Dahab, to film the beauty of the marine life surrounding the coasts of the Red Sea, I discovered a shocking and tragic feature. The diving and snorkelling off the Red Sea flocks tourists by the thousands to the small town of Dahab, where Dive Centres are more plentiful than shops and and even houses, So surely this must have some sort of impact on the local marine life?Interestingly enough the tourists who do not go for the diving are actually the ones causing the damage to the reefs and the ones claim to help protect the reef are actually just following a money provoked process to drive the best car in town. 
Image Detail   
Following an exclusive interview with Dahab local Dive centre owner (blue realm diving) Khaled, we understood the truth of what was happening in the Red Sea. "Local Not for profit organisations tell a lie. They claim to be helping the reef with their cleanups and gap year excursions, however in recent years they have seen the money making potential in this scheme and now it is not uncommon to see this in the area and all around the beautiful coastal towns of Egypt. "
Image Detail
"When people come to spend a gap year "learning and helping" to save the reef, they in fact have to pay thousands Euros which is meant to save the reef but actually goes in their back pockets- I know from working with these people and associating with them. I confront them with how what they do is wrong and they get scared and stay clear of me, but this is happening all around the world, and it is a terrible that no-one is doing anything about it." 
Image DetailImage Detail

We later learned how Khaled raised a large amount of money to actively help the reef, he part time employs local Bedouin Boys from the mountains and the town to go out and clean the reef, it keeps them off the streets and stops them selling drugs which is good for both the community and the oceans. 

This is happening all around the world, it is up to us as a race to do what is right and to put our money to good use and check up on these "Not for Profit gap years" just in case there is a secret money making agenda, where the piggy bank is there own and not the oceans.

Seahorse Vs Local

Southern Dorsets seas are home to a group of spiny seahorses rare to the south coast of dorset. However there is a battle raging between Locals, boatsman and conservationists. Boats mooring in the bay cause excessive damage to the habitat of the seahorses, eelgrass. As the moorings crash against the sea floor it destroys any chance of the eelgrass to grow leaving the sea floor bare and the seahorses sticking out like a sore thump with no where to go or live, slowly dying of lack of food.

Conservationists say the only way to save the seahorses is to install eco friendly moorings in the bay which reduce the damage caused to the eelgrass. Steve Trewhella, Professional Underwater photographer and Marine Expert Steve Trewhella says the eco moorings are the way forward and the only way to save the eelgrass and in tow the seahorses.

However Locals claim the moorings aren't affecting the seahorses and their habitat despite the proof provided by the Wildlife Trusts. What Locals say cannot be discredited completely as they have been living side by side with the bay for decades however certain facts are clearer than others. The Save the Studland Bay Group on facebook told us

 "There is no evidence so far , worldwide ,that boats,anchors or moorings disturb seahorses . There is however, a great deal of evidence to suggest that seahorses are attracted to manmade structures, mooring chains and ropes if there is a good source of food nearby."

One aspect is for sure, we have to do something to preserve the eelgrass so the seahorses can continue living off the bay, and fast.


A Bright Future for South Dorset



Today I travelled to first solar PV farm in dorset, the first thought that crossed my mind was where is it? Thats the beauty of solar, you cant hear it, or really see it. A green energy marvel, so why isn't there more of it? I chatted to Managing Director of Farm Power Mark Simon to ask why he started the farm and why there aren't more.

(Video interview coming soon!)

The solar farm is a massive step forward for green energy in the south as it sets the scene for the massive 150 turbine farm to be built of the south coast of Dorset in 2015. So is it the way to go?

 Critics say solar is far too expensive for the production value and claim it can cause disruption to wildlife, however it actually seems that proper preparation for the farms can lead it to be more ecological to surrounding wildlife than any other form of production of energy. And yes... it is NOT sustainable as the chemicals and me

Text Box: W.C.W.T AUGUST NEWStals used to produce the solar PV panels are not of an abundance, they will run out in the future, but if you took that  as the only criteria for energy production there would be zero nuclear plant and zero oil rigs... so it is clear solar is the way forward. So why isn't there more, having spoken also to an expert of solar energy in spain (the worlds second leaders in solar after germany) it is clear that government funding for solar is certainly needed, so I investigated the conservative views on this. What I found was quite a shock, in london your local council will give you up to 2 thousand pounds for your solar PV panels or solar hot water to be installed. So this is what it has come to, we cannot even be bothered to pick up the phone and chat to our local council to arrange for panels to be installed at minimal cost to us, and we would be payed for the excess energy it produced. Crazy isn't it?


Saving Nemo- the Beauty Beneath

R.H.N and I have the pleasure of inviting you to the premiere of the WCWT's (World Conservation and Wildlife Trust, formerly R.H.N)'s very own Save the Oceans ("Saving Nemo- The Beauty Beneath) film launched on Monday October 3rd at 9.00pm at the very glamourous location of the "Screen on the Green" in Angel, London. 

The film is a testament to the destruction of the oceanic biodiversity around the UK, exploring the fantastic life of the underwater world in some of the most secluded and mesmerising Coastal areas of the U.K. The film follows Wildlife Conservation Charity WCWT (Lead by 15 year old CEO and Rescue Diver Robin Johnson) and a team of Scuba and Marine experts around the stunning the British coast exposing the true beauty of the underwater world and showing how human impact could leave it devastated and destroyed within the century if we do not act.

Tickets start from £10 (All money raised goes to WCWT's Save the Sea Charity Project). Please feel free to invite friends or family and email to reserve a seat or sofa. Hope to see you there.

*A New wind blows in optimism*

Robin Johnson, R.H.N

Success! A greeting to wind turbines off the coast of swanage, south Dorset as an offshore wind farm consisting of up to 240 turbines as tall as 150m each has finally been approved. It is said to produce enough energy for up to 820,000 homes, they will be situated in a depth of 40m 8.2 miles from peveril point in swanage. 

Despite belated efforts by anti wind farm campaigners, they will remain poignant as tony Williams of Bournemouth council stated the mere facts of how the council will continue to support wind.

 A rather ignorant and rude approach came from one Rodney legg, un inspired published writer, he stated that they would ruin the view but the turbines would be useful for target practice for the army, well having heard that, there's one real question that has to be put out to Rodney, why don't we just use all the billions of barrels of oil as target practice and then while we are at it just burn our planet down? A local survey from a leading environmental group showed a consistency of 92% of locals supporting the turbines.


Robin Johnson, R.H.N
The south china tiger was declared extinct today by the zoological society of London. The believed "daddy" of all tiger subspecies is thought to be extinct by experts around the world. Surveys and expeditions carried out through china revealed found no sign of a pure breed in the wild or in any Chinese zoo's, passed as Chinese tigers; a mix of Indonesian and Indian tigers.
The south china tiger is one of four tiger subspecies to have lost the battle with poaching and habitat destruction over the last 100 years. Following the extinction Vladimir Putin has called a meeting to action on tiger conservation this year in St Petersburg to aim to double the global number of tigers by 2022. However following the Copenhagen climate change summit, one thing should have been concluded; it is up to us this time...

Pease visit to donate to our vital project to save the tiger- before it’s too late.


Pictures are all we have left of this iconic creature.

The Dutch aren’t all flowers

Having travelled to the Netherlands, I found a few slightly depressing stats in terms of the environment. Firstly  was pleased to discover Holland were 3rd in the world in the exploration and use of wind power, however the hundreds of millions spent on greening up their economy has breached as they have seen no cost bring back from the green power ad have therefore decided to back down and neglect the fact that climate change isn’t cheap.  This tragedy will plump the Netherlands 6th in 2020 due to the reduction of wind turbines in the tulip country.



Obese people to raise global warming rates

An official governmental figure has showed that the abnormal excess of food (in the miles and energy used in the production) contributes more than 3 times more than the average human adding significantly to climate change. Another stat showed that the whole population of the earth were of a standard BMI level a massive 50000 tons of carbon dioxide would be saved per annum alone.


Republicans stopping change and failing; once again

In another green energy dispute led by Wisconsin’s republican governor a dispute from a green energy angle arose. The plans for a green biomass power station were violently rejected, the governor saying in response “No body’s right- if everyone’s wrong” referring to the cost of the project.  I suppose this is another way of the republicans trying to reject change and  once again, they will fail.


A collision of the solutions

On Friday 12th November an ironic collide took place, a collide of the solutions to the transport end of climate change. In a zero carbon race taking place in Vancouver, Canada, a solar powered electric car collided with a 50 year old cyclist, both objects of transport retaining serious damage, begging the question how much longer do we have to wait for all round transport solution?

Pakistan wake up and feel the call of science

Pakistan has encountered some of the worst flooding and torrential rain in decades leaving up to 14 million affected. Many struggle to find food for their families, homeless and desperate.

So why has aid been so slowly distributed? Some say people are still recovering from the tragedies encountered in Haiti but one thing is clear, the sheer intensity of this so called “natural” disaster was almost certainly linked directly to us and the further pressing issue of climate change.  It is a known fact that when the surface area of the earth is warmed past its norm hurricane intensity’s increases ergo raising likelihood of these “natural disasters” becoming more harsh and devastating. This is also the case with increased rain patterns and flooding. Climate change is the categorical factor of this disaster; whether we ignore or accept it, the rate we are going we will face furthermore intensity’s of “natural” disasters on a regular basis.

Robin Johnson,


Animal cruelty- Make it Stop


By George Lane, Head of Animal cruelty at R.H.N.

Animals have feelings too. If you are going to keep them locked up in tiny cages where they can barely even move... how would you feel? Some animals are bred in captivity, for example various lizards, cats or dogs; some snakes too. Because they are captive, that doesn't mean they can be treated like 'convicts'. Some pet shops are like jails, some are like relaxing luxury hotels. You want to aim for the luxury hotels while getting an captive animal, although make sure you know where the sellers get them from; as there are puppy mills, kitten mills etc. where they treat them like factory products where the parents are the machines which only need an occasional 'oil' to keep them working (they're underfed).


Animals bred in these 'mills' are often underfed, prone to disease and injury, usually kept in wire cages where their limbs can fall through the gaps, where the sharp wire can cut them straight off. Their cages are cramped and over crowded leading to aggressiveness. In a pet shop in Worcester I witnessed about twenty lizards cramped in an enclosure of around 1 ft in length. They were so cramped they were missing some of their toes, tails and were climbing on top of each other to get some space. If you are thinking of getting a pet, think again about where you get it from, because their parents could be rotting in the garbage of an animal factory in Russia, or dying of hunger in Serbia, or even losing a limb in the U.S, and so on. Whatever you do don't buy it from a pet shop or breeder because its enclosure is dirty and grubby, and is mistreated so it looks helpless and longing for an owner because that's just supporting their malevolent way of gaining money.

The Plastic Island?

In a recent article from the Metro, there is a possible large-scale project in the Pacific Ocean to build an island fit for living in. This 'new Venice' made entirely from plastic waste could provide a home for 50,000 people to satisfy the demand of new land for the increasing population.

Recycled Island would be built from 44,000 tonnes of rubbish that threatens the sea life of the Pacific, and be run by electricity created by renewable means- solar and wave energy. A spokesman from the Dutch team says that the city has 3 main aims: cleaning the oceans from a huge amount of plastic waste, construct a sustainable habitat and creating new land. The island is hoped to be at least 10,000 sq km, and agriculture will be included so it can be independent of foreign influence. 

Article by James Lane, RHN.




CLSB Thoughts on Climate Change

11th June 2010, a Year 8 boy took a survey to see how many out of 50, in City of London for Boys, believed that global warming was natural/caused by mankind/both. The results were more or less the same for the individual options however the 'both' option clearly showed which was the most popular: 30 chose both, and a close battle between natural - 11 and caused by man - 9.

Nestle provides 'a way out of the dark'

 After intense pressure on Nestle to conform and to refrain from the usage of unsustainable palm oil, a much needed target has been set to switch over the general consumption to a sustainable source within 3 years, gently phasing out the devastating catalyst to the destruction of the rainforest. In an exclusive interview with a Nestle associate, he described it as a fair challenge that could be met, expressing concern over finding a new sustainable abundant palm oil source. Is this the break needed to confine and lead the highly unsustainable palm oil market out of the dark realms upon its stands, and show a way to a brighter future? As clichéd as it is, only time will tell.

By Robin Johnson,




Palm Oil; there is an answer

In an amazing new report, the Guardian revealed the true extent of how willing supermarkets and food suppliers are in the topic of sustainable palm oil. A massive 1.75 million tonnes of sustainable palm oil has the potential to be used without any extra effort, despite this only a mere 14% of that is actually being used. All for what? A small premium cost. They are confronted by this decision, are they wiling to pay a bit extra to save the planet? Amazingly, no. Despite all their pledges and promises to use sustainable palm oil, they still are not willing to pay the small extra cost. However the most shocking thing of all is that they ask for it to be produced, they have it produced, then they see the price and walk away still flaunting their eco credentials to their customers. So who is to blame? Mainly amazingly shops like Waitrose who are in fact part of the John Lewis Partnership which supports and promotes the Prince's rainforest project. This complex story shows just how unwilling supermarkets and food suppliers are to phase out unsustainable palm oil.


Kenyans face largest drought for over 40 years

A shocking new story discovered how climate change is already seriously affecting Kenyans, as they are facing the most devastating drought for over 40 years. Their livestock are dying, their food supplies minimal and their water supply literally nonexistent; they rely on Western supplies of handouts for food, this case of severe drought should not be happening, however this is a minimal effect of climate, we will be in for a much harsher future if we do not act. Scientists say this case is linked to climate change, this surely is a warning to us that we have to act now or it will be too late.


Pressure builds up to Copenhagen

Alistair Darling has urged global leaders that change will have to be made at Copenhagen or we will face a devastating future of global warming. He is just one of the millions of people who will be holding their breath whilst the summit is in action, real actions and goals will have to be made or it will have been for nothing and we may not have another chance.

Monthly Special

A new final revolution for lightbulbs

In a new breakthrough in combating climate change a new EU law stating that no normal frosted un-efficient light bulbs will be sold after the 1st September (this will happen after all normal light bulbs have sold out). This is a huge step forward in saving the planet. 

Runway carrots

Good life star Richard Briers has decided to grow vegetables on the land which was looked at potentially to be the third Heathrow runway. He will send a home-grown carrot to every member of the cabinet every year to try to persuade them to change their mind about building another runway. 

Green electricity at the click of a button

In a research investigation into green electricity, RHN found out that with almost all electricity suppliers, a green tariff available at no extra cost and the thing is that no-one knows! So you could help combat climate change by just making a call! It’s that simple! Or ecotricity will match your suppliers price and they invest 100% of their profits in new wind turbines, go to If you would like the number of your energy supplier just email your energy suppliers name and we will send you the right number you have to call. 

This month’s best eco car: The New Toyota Prius T-Spirit.

The End of the Line, is it the end for endangered marine life?

The End of the Line

You may have heard of the new inspiring and thought-provoking documentary and film "The End of the Line". This film reveals the truth behind the fish that we eat, including: Bluefin Tuna, Haddock, Plaice and many more, who are indeed increasingly overfished. The film shows shocking graphs which publicise the incredible decrease of fish populations all over the world.

a picture of a Bluefin Tuna, one of the species almost fished to extinction.

This is one of the many strengths of the film. The film doesn't just outline people's views on the over-fishing crisis, but also what people may think against this idea. The film also has such a simple question: Where does our fish come from? Along with this the film shows us the link from the depleting of our oceans to the upcoming hazard of climate change, as fish droppings take in CO2 and fish are vital for many different marine ecological systems. Two RHN members went to see the film and were thouroughly amazed by the truth about over-fishing, which is happening right under our noses without actual public awareness! The three main points that the producers of the End of the Line were trying to get across to the public are that you must:

Ask before you buy:

try to only eat sustainable seafood.

Tell politicians:

respect the science, cut the fishing fleet

Join the campaign

for marine protected areas and responsible fishing

Our rating: 4/5

For more imformation go to


New report shows how climate change could destroy Africa's agricultural society


In a new report issued by the U.S agriculture department it has been revealed that in fact a massive 1 million square kilometres of crops could simply subside in Africa due to severe changes in climate, and overall due to climate change. This could pose major threat to many many African people and cause a major disaster, however this would be only a small effect of the harsh but real change in climate.

The secret of Palm oil


In a shocking investigation into palm oil lead by the Independent, new facts have been revealed about how unknowingly we are all in fact contributing to the vast depletion of Borneo's rainforests and all of its unique wildlife. It was revealed that almost 50% of the UK's most popular brands do indeed use unsustainable palm oil. They include Hovis, Fairy Liquid, Persil, Ariel, Kellogs Special K, Crunchy Nut and hundreds more. What was more astonishing was the fact that they just simply mask it as "vegetable oil" or "vegatable fat". Buying these brands are contributing enormously to climate change, but even if you check the label for palm oil, it will just say something different! For the list of brands with palm oil in look below.

 A fisherman surveys the scene as he steers his boat alongside a recently cleared area of forest

Rank; Brand; Manfacturer; Sales; Palm oil?

1. Coke, Coca-Cola, £969m, NO

2. Warburtons, Warburtons, £709m, YES

3. Walkers Crisps, Pepsico, £487m, NO

4. Hovis, Premier Foods, £405m, YES

5. Cadbury Dairy Milk, Cadbury, £374m, YES

6. Kingsmill, ABF, £363m, YES

7. Nescafe, Nestle, £352m, NO

8. Andrex, Kimblery-Clark, £345m, NO

9. Lucozade, GlaxoSmithKline, £342m, NO

10. Robinsons, Britvic, £299m, NO

11. Tropicana, Pepsico, £288m, NO

12. McCain’s Chips, McCain, £265m, NO

13. Pepsi Cola, Pepsico, £258m, NO

14. Whiskas, Mars, £233m, NO

15. Lurpak, Lurpak, £228m, NO

16. Muller Corner, Muller, £219m, NO

17. Persil, Unilever, £210m, YES

18. Flora Spreads, Unilever, £200m, YES

19. Heinz Beans, Heinz, £199m, NO

20. Pedigree, Mars, £198m, NO

21. Cathedral City, Dairy Crest, £187m, NO

22. Felix, Nestle, £186m, NO

23. Galaxy, Mars, £185m, YES

24. Youngs Frozen Fish, Young’s, £184m, YES

25. Kit Kat, Nestle, £183m, YES

26. Heinz Soups, Heinz, £182m, NO

27. Red Bull Drinks, Red Bull, £182m, NO

28. Danone Activia, Danone, £175m, NO

29. Birds Eye Fish, Birds Eye, £175m, NO

30. Bold, Procter & Gamble, £174m, SUSPECTED*

31. Mr Kipling Cakes, Premier Foods, £174m, YES

32. Wrigley’s Extra, Wrigley, £170m, YES

33. Ariel, Procter & Gamble, £157m, SUSPECTED*

34. Pringles, Procter & Gamble, £143m SUSPECTED*

35. Princes Fish, Princes, £136m, NO

36. PG Tips, Unilever, £134m, NO

37. Tetley Tea, Tata, £134m, NO

38. Dolmio Sauces, Mars, £133m, NO

39. Silver Spoon, British Sugar, £132m, NO

40. Birds Eye Poultry, Birds Eye, £130m, YES

41. Maltesers, Mars, £130m, YES

42. John West Fish, John West, £129m NO

43. Cravendale, Arla, £129m, NO

44. Ribena, GlaxoSmithKline, £129m, NO

45. Weetabix, Weetabix, £128m, NO

46. Muller Light, Muller, £127m, NO

47. Mars, Mars, £123m, YES

48. Uncle Ben’s, Rice Mars, £122m, NO

49. Kellogg's Special K, Kellogg’s, £122m, YES

50. Fanta, Coca-Cola, £118m, NO

51. Finish Dishwasher, Reckitt & Benckiser, £117m, NO

52. Volvic, Danone, £117m, NO

53. Ginsters, Ginsters, £114m, YES

54. Schweppes, Schweppes, £112m, NO

55. Innocent, Innocent, £110m, NO

56. Heinz, Ketchup Heinz, £110m, NO

57. Danone, Actimel Danone, £108m, NO

58. Fairy Laundry, Procter & Gamble, £107m, SUSPECTED*

59. Fairy Liquid, Procter & Gamble, £107m, SUSPECTED*

60. McVitie’s Digestives, United Biscuits, £106m, YES

61. Comfort, Unilever, £106m, YES

62. Bakers, Nestle, £104m, NO

63. Kenco, Kraft, £104m, NO

64. Goodfella’s Pizza, Northern Foods, £101m, YES

65. Birds Eye Veg, Birds Eye, £100m, NO

66. Petit Filous, Yoplait, £100m, NO

67. Velvet, SCA, £99m, NO

68. Dairylea, Kraft, £99m, NO

69. Lenor, Procter & Gamble, £98m, SUSPECTED*

70. Airwick Aircare, Reckitt Benckiser, £96m, NO

71. Evian, Danone, £96m, NO

72. Daz, Procter & Gamble, £95m, SUSPECTED*

73. Irn Bru, AG Barr, £92m, NO

74. Doritos, Pepsico, £90m, NO

75. McCoys, United Biscuits, £90m, YES

76. Anchor Spreads, Arla, £89m, NO

77. Haribo, Haribo, £89m, YES

78. Bisto Gravy, Premier Foods, £89m, YES

79. BM Cooked Meat, Bernard Matthews, £88m, YES

80. Hellmanns, Unilever, £88m, NO

81. Kleenex, Kimberly-Clark, £88m, NO

82. Quality Street, Nestle, £85m, YES

83. Richmond Sausages, Kerry Foods, £84m, YES

84. CrunchyNut Cornflakes, Kellogg’s, £83m, YES

85. Magnum, Unilever, £79m, YES

86. Hula Hoops, United Biscuits, £79m, NO

87. Bessies Potatoes, Heinz, £78m, YES

88. Chicago Town Pizza, Dr Oetker, £77m, YES

89. Capri Sun, Coca-Cola, £77m, NO

90. Sensations, Walkers, £77m, NO

91. Cadbury Cakes, Premier Foods, £76m, YES

92. Young’s Chilled Fish, Young’s, £75m, YES

93. Cadbury Roses, Cadbury, £75m, YES

94. Oasis, Coca-Cola, £75m, NO

95. Yeo Valley Yogurts, Yeo Valley, £73m, NO

96. Pot Noodles, Unilever, £73m, YES

97. Aero, Nestle, £73m, YES

96. Pot Noodles, Unilever, £73m, YES

97. Aero, Nestle, £73m, YES

98. Surf, Unilever, £73m, YES

99. Kettle, Kettle, £73m, NO

100. Clover Spreads, Dairy Crest, £72m, YES

Sources: Sales statistics: AC Nielsen. Palm oil: The Independent

* Procter & Gamble, which uses palm oil in a wide variety of products, will not disclose its use in individual brands