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General information on the Dolphin/Purpoise

An example of a dolphin that is endangered is the Pink Dolphin which its habitat is in the Amazon Rainforest. It is being wiped out because of chemicals being dumped in its waters, excessive boat trafficking and also of being accidentally caught in fishing nets. According to the International Society for the Preservation of the Rainforest says that the dolphin has a 40% larger brain than a human! 

An unique characteristic of the dolphin is that it is capable of turning its head 180 degrees due to a fused vertebrae in the neck. Blood capillaries near the skin gives the mammal its pink appearance.

Causes for endangerment

The general reasons of the endangerment of the common purpoise are the same of many sea creatures whom face a clash with fishermen, they get caught in fishing nets, the unintended catch, the spectator to the decline of fish stocks- this time they are the stock. Other known causes of endangerment are black market trading and chinese remedies.

Article by RHN.