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Fighting to protect the World's Marine Life, Wildlife, Biodiversity and Population.

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The W.C.W.T is run by passionate unpaid volunteers with a desire to make a difference. It means almost no overhead, resulting in the money getting to where it will help the most. Saving rainforests, providing environmental education where there was none before and more importantly, making a difference. If you have any questions about donations you can contact us or visit one of our partners in the 'Our Partners' page who will also do right with your donations. 

The World Conservation and Wildlife Trust (WCWT, also known as Respect Honour Nature or the World Oceanic Conservation Trust) was set up by three inspired British Teens, determined to raise awareness about how serious climate change is and to set up and fundraise for varied conservation projects.

The W.C.W.T organise projects to raise awareness and to help combat climate change via reaching the younger generation. Recently we have been working with the W.W.F, R.S.P.B, EIA and Dakini Media to help save rainforests, save tigers, save coral reefs and biodiversity so far having raised over £36,000. In the year of the tiger we were involved in a project which made a Phenomenal £120,000 to the plight of the tigers alongside Dakini Media and the EIA. Now we are looking at oceanic conservation, having launched our Marine Conservation project in September (of 2011) we have made significant strides in raising awareness about the plight of the oceans.

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Goal: £5000.00 Started: December 27, 2011
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The W.C.W.T is run by passionate unpaid volunteers. We organise fundraising events to help save rainforests and use social media to educate and raise awareness among the younger generations as well as the general population. As a direct result of not having salaries to pay, it means your money goes straight to the cause.
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