World Conservation and Wildlife Trust

Fighting to protect the World's Marine Life, Wildlife, Biodiversity and Population.

The World Conservation and Wildlife Trust (W.C.W.T) was set up by three inspired teens to protect the world's oceans and rainforests from human impact and to raise awareness about the potent threat of climate change. The organization has helped to raise vital funds for NGOs around the world. 

The worlds oceans and rainforests hold the key to survival on our planet. Reefs and forests take in carbon dioxide and produce clean oxygen, a simple biological reaction that allows life on earth. However, we are destroying the world's biodiversity at an alarming rate; effectively destroying our own planet. The destruction of our biodiversity leads to climate change. It is also leading to the destruction of oceanic and land-based ecosystems causing concern for other species and their extinction.


Our latest film "Saving Nemo 2" highlights the issues our oceans and biodiversity face. Director Robin Van Kloeze worked with Marine experts and underwater cameramen to produce the short documentary that has been shown in Schools to raise awareness and at events and shows around England. With thanks to Surfers Against Sewage, The Environmental Investigation Agency, Tom Morrison at Big Sky Song and many others who were involved in the film which highlights the threats facing our oceans and their biodiversity.