World Conservation and Wildlife Trust

Protecting the World's Marine life, Wildlife, Biodiversity and Population.

About Us

The NGO was founded on August 19th 2009 and is currently run by Robin Johnson, a passionate environmentalist and marine conservationist, with the assistance of over 15 young determined passionate volunteers determined to make the world a better place and conserve the World's Marine Life, Biodiversity and Population.


Robin Johnson (Founder and Director at WCWT)


Lauren Johnson (Head of Media)


Henry Nurick (Head of Conservation at WCWT)

Bali Parmar, W.C.W.T Columnist and Head of Energy and Oil (

Meet the WCWT Student Rep Team!

Nima Amin (WCWT Head Journalist of CLSB News)

Mikhail Barb (Head of Bangladesh Media and WCWT Officer of CLSB)

Charlie Briggs (WCWT Officer of Haberdashers' School)

Lauren Johnson (WCWT Officer of Northbridge House School and Assistant Head of Photography)

Maddie Knox (WCWT Officer of Highgate Woods Art College)

Elise Lane (WCWT Officer of St Christophers' School)

George Lane (WCWT Officer of Hereward House School and Swiss Cottage Swimming Club)

Chloe Marquand (Joint WCWT Officer of South Hampstead)

Phoebe Marquand (Joint WCWT Officer of South Hampstead)

Uddhav Sarvaiya (WCWT Head of Musical Projects)

Izzy Goodman (WCWT officer at Channing School for Girls)

Oliver Wu (WCWT Head of IT and Technical Support of CLSB)

Saeedur Rahman (WCWT Bangladesh Correspondant)

Nick Cosburn (Founder)

Harry Kalafyan (Founder)

Henry Nurick (WCWT Brighton and Australia Correspondent)

Vicky Johnson (PhD Child studies) Charity Consultant

James Johnson (Trained Accountant and Consultant)

Jordan Joseph (PR and Help)


If you are interested in fighting climate change and want to know more about W.C.W.T please email us via the form below. So far we have raised over 30,000 towards saving the world's biodiversity. Please help us by subscribing to our newsletter and donating.